November 23, 2021 – 11:30 EDT

A CRM is critical for any organization to be able to manage their sales opportunities and account management information to have a full picture view of their customers. However, the packaging and container industry has unique needs for their CRM.

For instance, being able to record detailed information like product specifications and technical notes, or workflow that automates stage advancements with product manufacturing projects. However, in our experience not all CRM systems are able to address these needs under one roof.

In this webinar, Jiggy and Christian will explore some of the greatest challenges faced by companies in the packaging and container industry, and demonstrate exactly how Gold-Vision can help, including:

  • Providing a complete view of your opportunity pipeline from lead to delivery of packaging products
  • Marketing automation tools that can be used to nurture your leads and contact clients
  • How workflow and alerting helps perform a smooth sales handover to the project manufacturing team when an opportunity is won
  • The flexibility of screen design to capture all product specifications in a central database
  • Supporting regular and timely contact with key accounts
  • Tracking of procurement
  • Customer support ticket logging and portal integration so you can communicate with the client

This webinar will last approximately 20 minutes plus an additional 10 minutes for a Q&A opportunity at the end.

About the Presenter(s)

Jiggy has managed numerous implementation projects and headed the customer team. But now as Head of Customer Experience, she has a dual focus on the customer and product and is a leading force within Gold-Vision for Social Selling, pioneering many of the approaches that we use today.

Christian’s focus is to help spearhead the global expansion of Gold-Vision in the Canada/North America region. His drive is to thoroughly understand a client’s needs, challenges, and opportunities, working alongside them to uncover a CRM that captures their workflow.

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