Top Benefits of Gold-Vision

Integrated order processing

Gold-Vision is equipped with integrated order processing, meaning quotes can be integrated from Gold-Vision to your accounting system or the other way around. The system also lets you see quote and order history from the past, making processing a breeze for existing customers.

Gold-Vision also supports eSignature integrations, including DocuSign and Adobe Sign. Simply send the order through Gold-Vision and have your clients sign off on the order in a secure and fast environment!

Project management visibility

Once a sale is complete, your project management team is tasked with delivering your services. Gold-Vision has project management built in as standard, making it easy to manage project activities, and assign and track time against projects. Our Time feature can help you create accurate invoices and manage user activities.

For companies already using external project management tools, such as Jira, the Gold-Vision API can be used to integrate both systems. This reduces duplication efforts whilst giving you everything you need within one unified view.

Customer support ticket logging

Gold-Vision provides support ticket logging functionality as standard right within your CRM. No more worries of having to integrate a separate support desk tool or make sure your colleagues are notified of a support ticket creation. All the information you need is fully visible in your system, and with our Workflow & Alerts functionality the right people can be notified at the right time.

You can also make use of our brand new Gold-Vision Portal, which allows your customers to create support tickets in a self-service area. Your support team can pick up these tickets immediately in Gold-Vision, and get started on the enquiry.

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Marketing Automation

Gold-Vision CRM is equipped with integrated marketing and automation tools. You can send tailored marketing campaigns to leads and prospects based on the information that they have clicked on, using our Touch Point Scoring system. When Touch Points are set up with Lead Forensics and social media channels, you can easily see who is browsing and interacting with your content, and use this to reach out to them with relevant information on your software services.

Microsoft Stack

Gold-Vision’s standard integration with Microsoft products allows for you to tighten both internal and external communication in your business.

Gold-Vision performs automatic email tracking with your contacts, as well as calendar synchronization of your upcoming appointments. Using SharePoint you can live-edit documents that you use internally and easily find them within Gold-Vision.

Gold-Vision CRM API

Integrate CRM into your business ecosystem using our RESTful API.  Our self-documenting API makes it simple to integrate your finance systems, additional project tools, website,  back office systems, and more.  Save time and create an automated single point of truth.

Keep track of all the various sources of leads that you get business from. Send them relevant information about your service depending on the links that they click on.

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