Custom work

Expanding Gold-Vision beyond CRM

Sometimes our customers have specialist requirements to extend their use of Gold-Vision. Our in-house development team have a wealth of experience both in designing Gold-Vision itself, and creating customised integrations, portals and specialised reporting.

Should you need to integrate Gold-Vision with another system you use, push or pull data into a portal or require help designing a portal from scratch; our team are able to help. Trust the writers of Gold-Vision to design a reliable solution that enhances your workflow.

Our specialities


We’ve created web applications for our customers which can be used by their customers, external employees and their Gold-Vision users. Typically these applications are used to show Gold-Vision data, or to update the data in Gold-Vision without accessing CRM. Some examples:

  • Customer portal recording and updating customer visit details into Gold-Vision
  • Dealer portal allowing non-head office employees specific rights to view and enter data
  • Event management portal segmenting access to user groups, such as assessors and trainers, for assessment and certification process



Every organisation is different, and each industry has different mission critical data and procedures. We offer a great range of standard integrations, but if you have a unique integration requirement we’re happy to help. Here’s a few we have done in the past:

  • Automatic text-message sending when a category in Gold-Vision is edited
  • Custom booking system integration enabling booking and resource data to be pulled into CRM
  • Two-way integration with an industry specific financial system, maintaining the correct data in both systems automatically



Occasionally we have come across customers with highly specialised reporting requirements. Our team have become experts at combining data from multiple sources into specialised lists right in CRM, or specific SSRS reports. Examples include complete event preparation documents detailing full resource and employee requirements, and colour coded opportunity reports highlighting changes since the previous report.

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“Additional integration work has been delivered in a highly effective, professional fashion
and for a competitive price.”