Our highlights from the 2019 B2B Marketing Expo

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Written by Tara-Chelise Fosbrook - 26/04/2019

This years B2B Marketing Expo took place at the ExCel London from the 27th - 28th March, and it did not disappoint. As one of the UKs leading digital marketing events, we saw this as a great opportunity to not only exhibit, but to also showcase the wealth of knowledge that we have accumulated over the years and run our own expert-led Masterclass: "CRM is at the heart of a successful business".

Our Masterclass

With many of us in business facing similar challenges, we wanted to share what we have learnt - and with many of our sessions left with standing room only, attendees clearly wanted to hear what we had to say.

Why CRM is the key to more effective marketing and greater ROI

Simon Lang and Bashar Al-Azzawe have worked on over a hundred CRM initiatives across most business sectors. Focussing firmly on the benefits for marketing-focused users, Simon and Bashar explored some of the ways that data held in a CRM system can dynamically drive marketing communications.

Horror stories from the GDPR trenches - and three lessons to take home

Surprisingly this was one of the liveliest sessions. The audience voted almost unanimously that Nat (Gold-Visions Senior Business Systems Consultant) would have complained about her Subject Access Request journey - Nat is the queen of GDPR. And the ever popular 'GDPR or Marketing' section really got people thinking about how to prepare for ePrivacy.

Use CRM to accelerate your ABM journey

Account Based Marketing (ABM) is proving its worth in every industry as a strategic approach. The introduction of GDPR has simply accelerated businesses aligning with an ABM strategy. Gold-Visions Head of Customer Experience, Jiggy Patel, explored how you can use your CRM to accelerate your ABM journey - it's not all about getting a message out and hoping someone will engage with it.

How to achieve simple CRM and marketing

"I just want something SIMPLE!" was the clear message in this session and it certainly resonated with the audience. Gold-Vision MD, Charlie Shaw, discussed how you can keep things simple without losing the capabilities that you need from a full CRM system.

How to wreck a CRM project in 6 easy steps (and how to succeed instead)

"Wrecking a project - step 2 - assembling the worst team possible" clearly chimed with a lot of the audience. With much nodding and a show of hands, several people were working on projects with a sleepy panda (disinterested project sponsor), lots of goldfish (always in the meetings, say nothing), a sackful of angry cats (averse to change), and at least one hungry shark (hungry for conflict). Natalie Gorton used her experience of working with various customers to explore the number one reason CRM implementation projects fail - poor project management.

What we noticed

This year the Expo was attended by not just marketing led roles, but by a mixture of business professionals from different departments, all where CRM is important to them. This blend allowed for more varied discussions and how a fully-integrated sales and marketing CRM can benefit them.

What's next?

We enjoyed meeting with a variety of contacts and are looking forward to welcoming some new Gold-Vision customers. This exhibition was a great success for us, and we are already looking forward to 2020. Next years B2B Marketing Expo takes place on the 25th and 26th March and we will again have our own Masterclass and session details will be available in the upcoming months.

Keep your eyes peeled

We will continue to explore these topics and will soon be introducing a webinar series - to help your business succeed by putting CRM at its heart. Keep an eye out for more information on our website.