Office & Outlook integration

Gold-Vision is simply the best CRM for Outlook users. Where other CRM providers stop at email linking, Gold-Vision takes it further with its server level ExchangeOffice 365 and Gmail integration. No matter where you are or what device you are using, Outlook data automatically syncs with CRM.

Simply the best CRM for Outlook users.

Email tracking

There is no manual linking involved to keep your customer interaction trail up to date and accurate. Emails between you and your contacts are automatically captured and assigned to the correct account or support ticket within Gold-Vision.

Sensitive information or top-level accounts can be excluded from email tracking with one click.

Calendar synchronisation

Gold-Vision fits seamlessly with your Outlook calendar. Appointments can be created on any device in either Outlook or CRM. The integration will automatically synchronise one with the other.

Save time previously spent on manual linking, and have a clear overview of team and client appointments.

Using Gmail?

We also integrate with Gmail emails and calendars, offering you the exact same benefits and features.

The 2-way integration using IMAP allows you to track all customer interactions and appointments automatically.


Outlook CRM add-in

Use CRM from within Outlook with our Add-in. Link internal emails to the relevant project in your Gold-Vision, or create new contacts and leads in a simple click.

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