Focus on the right leads with intelligent touch point lead scoring in Gold-Vision. Find your sweet spot with easy-to-use yet powerful reporting.

Lead management

Capture, allocate and qualify your leads in the dedicated lead management tool. Efficiently generate new business whilst keeping your CRM data clean and accurate. Easily measure and report on lead performance.


Data capture & enrichment

Save time and improve quality with Gold-Vision's data tools.

  • Make data capture easy with the import tool, uploading spreadsheets and external data in minutes. Automatically capture data from website forms, live chat or IP tracking tools. Alternatively, capture data at source entering straight into Gold-Vision at events and exhibitions.
  • Enrich your data with the simple data enrichment tool, allowing you to easily add additional contacts and company information to your CRM.

Touch points

Define the touch points that matter for your business for a simple and effective way to score your leads. Automatically capture every relevant touch point right within CRM. Score online or personal interactions with customers, prospects and leads. Trust Gold-Vision to prompt you to reach out at exactly the right moment based on their interaction score.



Make it easy for your team to identify your strongest sources, convert them and repeat with a range of highly configurable sales tools accessible on the move.

Opportunity & pipeline management

Get a live view of your position to quickly understand the value and type of actual and forecast sales with Gold-Vision. Drill down with one click for full opportunity details: who's involved, recent emails, where the opportunity came from and what's happening next. Opportunities are a central hub for quotes and activities, allowing you to work more effectively. 


Deliver high quality quotes and proposals before your competitors to get that all important edge. Manage the process to sales order with the simplicity or flexibility that you need. Create template documents by team, ensuring your teams work to agreed standards of presentation, and deliver quotes from any mobile device. If quotes are not relevant to your process, then they simply disappear from Gold-Vision.

Gold-Vision pricing can work stand alone, or be driven by other business systems.


Office & Outlook integration

Build on your existing familiar tools. Fully automatic email tracking and appointment setting means you no longer need to manually attach emails or synchronise appointments. Gold-Vision does this for you via our market leading Exchange, Office 365, Apple and Google integrations.


Mobile CRM

Get access to your live CRM information on any device, including integrated data from operational systems. Make the most of mobile features, adding notes on the move with speech recognition.

Sync your contacts, meetings and mail for offline use, ensuring you have all the information you need even when out of range of mobile signal. Set up automatic account sales summary updates to brief your team on the way to meetings.

Sales automation

Reduce administration and increase efficiency with sales automation built into CRM. Gold-Vision's workflow and alerting allows you to automate and enhance your current sales process. From simple reminder alerts through to fully automated and sophisticated processes, let Gold-Vision help you to spend more time doing what you do best.

Highly configurable, common sales automation processes include:

  • Remind me two months before competitor contract renewal
  • Automatically qualify out opportunities after a period of inactivity
  • Upon opportunity creation automatically create a series of activities for correct team members with defined due dates and follow up


Sales management is virtually impossible when your key information is littered around spreadsheets, offline apps or databases. Get in control with Gold-Vision.

Dashboards & analytics

Get fast and accurate insight on sales performance using dashboards. Choose from a range of standard charts for easy adoption, or generate your own to see exactly what is relevant to you.

Create function or team specific dashboards and reports for quick and regular access. Reduce meeting preparation and follow up, using dashboards in real time to carry out sales meetings, updating targets as you go.


Teams & security

Protect the integrity of your data, and simplify the user experience at the same time. Provide teams with as much or as little of Gold-Vision as you want. This may be to enhance security, or simply because you wish to roll out Gold-Vision in stages. Allow users to access accounts, opportunities or projects related to their role, whilst shielding other areas of CRM. Unchecking boxes will remove all menu or icon references to that area for the user or team. 

Maps and routing

Quickly identify the optimum route for your sales visits, or see which customers are in the local area with the Google Maps integration. Make the most of your data and reduce administration time with the easy drag and drop selection tool, automatically populating maps and directions.

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“Gold-Vision is an excellent system that allows the sales team to manage accounts, keep their colleagues appraised and for management to track and accurately forecast our business. I’m happy to recommend.”