Create function specific dashboards that measure exactly what you need to know.

Wake up to results

Check in on KPIs on your dashboard whenever you like. Set up dashboard reports for you, your targets, functional departments, specific projects, the options are endless. Choose to share with specific teams, everyone, or keep it to yourself. It’s up to you.

Faster meetings

Stop preparing endless reports for meetings. Create a sales dashboard for your monthly sales meeting, share it and run through results to date. Click through for detailed opportunity analysis, and update targets before the meeting is over.

Drill down with one click

Click on any line, segment, bar or number in your charts to dig a little deeper. Jump straight into a filtered view in Gold-Vision used to make up your dashboard. Change filters, add criteria and investigate immediately.


To improve results you need to measure what you are doing, identify your advantages and act on it. You can’t do that without integrated data.

All of your data

Manage your sales opportunities in the same system as you manage your customer support queries. Run events in the same platform as your email marketing. It gives you one obvious advantage – you can report on any of it. Cross-functional analysis shows you how your processes interlink and how that impacts on your bottom line.

Integrated reporting

Integrating your key systems with your CRM completes the picture, enabling fast reporting and live dashboards. We write all integrations ourselves to make sure our customers get what they need in Gold-Vision. We also specialise in custom portals, booking forms and website integrations.

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“Reporting is a great feature. You can report on almost anything, and it’s exactly the same tool
no matter what area of Gold-Vision you are using.”