Gold-Vision helps you to keep your projects organised and on schedule.

Create automated to-do lists

Gold-Vision automates project activities based on your own business processes. New projects will alert relevant project managers, and create your pre-determined activity list for them.

Project reporting

Keep an eye on project progress using integrated dashboards and reporting. Gain project insight by manager or status. Pick up on upcoming projects, overdue dates or recurring delays quickly, and take informed action.

Due date alerting

Keep your project delivery on schedule by alerting project managers and team leaders of upcoming due dates. Projects that are falling behind are easy to pick up from a dashboard overview.


Track project activities, progress and performance so you can stay on top of your projects.

Appointment tracking

The integrated systems approach means all strategic information is tracked and visible in CRM. Know where your team is and which projects they are working on thanks to the seamless integration with your calendar.

Document storing

Upload key project documents or images in CRM. They will save valuable time and ensure that all project managers are using the same on-brand documentation.


Assign team members and contacts to projects and share information easily between your teams.

Projects that fit the way you work

Different teams may hold information on different project areas within Gold-Vision. Configure permission settings and workflow easily without any IT knowledge.

Team workflow

Send emails, manage project members, group activities and record vital information by project. Set up workflow to pass projects along from one team to the next. See who’s available to pick up new assignments, distribute high-level projects evenly to balance team workload.

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“A truly integrated approach to managing customer communications, leads and opportunities,
projects, support tickets, and more - highly recommended.”