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Whether you use Exchange, Outlook, Office 365 or a combination of the three, our Outlook integration is available to you with all of the benefits listed below.

Make life easier with the Microsoft Outlook integration for Gold-Vision. Mail server integration guarantees email and calendar synchronisation from any device.
Automatically track emails and appointments for all of your team against the relevant accounts in CRM, without any manual intervention.

How it works..

  • Automatic sync

You can trust that all of your team’s emails & appointments are recorded and stored in CRM. Setup rules on day one, avoiding confidential contacts or employees, then leave it to run. No manual process involved.

  • Works on the move

Send an email from a laptop or your mobile. Send it at your desk, in the gym or on top of a mountain. It doesn’t matter, it will still be recorded in CRM. Equally, access past client emails on your way to a visit.

  • One-click contacts

Sometimes new contacts or leads are introduced by email. No problem. Gold-Vision’s Outlook add-in makes it easy to create new contacts and leads in CRM, or add internal emails to projects.

CRM for Outlook

It’s likely your sales teams already have Outlook open most of the time, and are pretty happy with using it. Get off to the right foot with Gold-Vision, using CRM from right within the familiar Outlook environment.

Fully functional, CRM works exactly the same in Outlook as it does in a web browser.

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“The sales team's favourite feature of Gold-Vision is the email tracking.
It is so easy to go into an account and see the recent history and conversations.”