Identify and set your data fields (as Personal or Sensitive Data)

Mark data as Personal or Sensitive

Under GDPR, you'll need to identify your various data sources (such as website leads, existing customers, employees etc) and mark any data that can be used to identify individuals.

Once you've done this, you can use Gold-Vision's fully customisable screen designer, to mark the relevant data fields as Personal or Sensitive, and even mark fields as mandatory where necessary to ensure than any new records cannot be saved unless a privacy option is selected.


Record why and how long you store personal data (as per your Privacy Policy)

Set the Lawful Basis for Processing

GDPR also requires you to record why you're holding/processing individuals' data. 

Gold-Vision allows you to create as many data purposes as you need (e.g. web enquiry, event attendance, customer etc), setting the Lawful Basis for processing and duration using the in-built dropdown menus, pre-populated inline with Article 6 (for personal data) and Article 9 (for sensitive data).


Automate the application of a rule purpose to Contacts based on the account (relationship), interaction, and lead basis.

Account, Interaction and Lead List Rules

Once set up, Gold-Vision's clever workflow system simplifies the the on-going maintenance and application of your privacy rules.

Creating, applying and updating privacy rules is made easy, just set them up once and they'll automatically be applied to your new and existing records as applicable.

  • Account Rules - Allow you to apply a purpose to Contacts based on their account type (e.g. relationship)
  • Interaction Rules - Allow you to apply a purpose to Contacts based on their behaviour, such as when they make a purchase or attend an event
  • Lead List Rules - Allow you to apply a purpose to a Lead based on the Lead List Type, automatically noting whether your Privacy Notification would have been provided (e.g. via a link on a web sign-up form)

There's also the option to bulk update all of your existing records, which will update all existing records with the relevant rules - making marking up newly imported new data a cinch!


Process Subject Access Requests, Erasure Requests and remove old data.

Privacy Dashboard

On-going administration of data requests and data expiry/renewal is also made easy with Gold-Vision's simple Privacy Dashboard - giving Admins a simple overview of current review points. 

Simple Data Management

Through the Privacy Dashboard, Admins can access and respond to...

  • Subject Access Requests (SARs) - which are handled via individual contact records (Privacy Logs) enabling you to export CSVs of the following: 
    • Personal Sensitive Data containing their name and all fields which have been marked as either personal or sensitive
    • Privacy Logs containing your lawful basis for processing, purposes and planned removal date
    • Notes relating to the individual contact/lead
  • Erasure Requests from both Contacts and Leads, which are automatically tracked making it easy to view and action
  • Expired Records which enable hassle-free data removal by indicating when a contact or lead has gone passed the original data retention period that was applied (based on your Privacy Rules)
  • Deleted Items, allowing Admins to view all records marked as deleted or dormant (as well as Contacts whose removal date has passed), which can then be erased either individually or in bulk
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