Oil Spill Response Limited

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“Gold-Vision is vital for us. Viewing all our member engagement and interactions in one place is invaluable
and has helped align sales and marketing activities across the business. ”

EMMA SMILLIE, Marketing Manager


Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL) is the largest international industry funded cooperative which exists to respond to oil spills wherever in the world they may occur. OSRL is wholly owned by 42 of the most environmentally responsible oil and gas companies. With a distinguished track record achieved by attending nearly all the major oil spill incidents since OSRL was established in 1985, OSRL is the industry leader in oil spill preparedness, subsea and response services.

What our business needed

Previously our data was held in various databases and locations. As a global membership organisation we wanted to:

  • Create a complete view of our members
  • Make data accessible across international teams
  • Unify our global team communications
  • Work with one simple tool for sales and marketing
  • Identify cross-selling opportunities amongst new & existing members

How Gold-Vision addressed the challenge

Gold-Vision has become a critical tool for our international teams, making all emergency call-out and response contacts available at our fingertips. Wherever we are in the world, we all have access to the same member records and all the information is up to date. Using email tracking means all communications with our customers and members are now automatically available in CRM.

CRM to manage our entire customer journey

Our marketing team uses Gold-Vision for lead capture, email marketing and qualification, and hand over to our sales teams for follow-up. Leads from our website forms are imported into CRM allowing us to follow up quickly. We also use LiveChat and plan to integrate leads and CRM customer data with the tool shortly. We use Gold-Vision Connect email marketing and marketing automation which allows us to send relevant mailshots out to those members and prospects who require specific services. When contacts show interest, the sales team is alerted and can take it from there. 


Examples of how we use marketing automation

Marketing automation enables us to send relevant follow up information to contacts who have downloaded information from the technical library on our website. We also use marketing automation to automate the welcome campaign once someone has signed up for an online account on our website. OSRL’s website is fully integrated with Gold-Vision which ensures that the website always shows the latest course availability and enables people to book online.

It is vital for us that all our members are fully prepared and trained in the event of an oil spill. Gold-Vision keeps track and shows us clearly who is due a refresher training course and who is certified. 

What's next for us

We are looking to integrate more of our day-to-day tools with CRM. Linking our financial system data, event booking data and member portal with Gold-Vision would complete the picture we have of our members. We also believe this will further enhance our customer experience and make our services even more efficient.

We are planning to increase the use of marketing automation so that more of our training communications are automated e.g. issuing of certificates and refresher course reminders. To make our marketing communications more relevant, we are looking at integrating our website and Gold-Vision further with the use of tags to enable detailed customer segmentation and tailored marketing communications.

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