On Wednesday 24th April B2B Marketing hosted a sponsored roundtable on the topic of “How to deliver a personalised customer experience” at their offices in London.

The roundtable discussion centred around how you can overcome or completely avoid the common challenges involved with intelligent, segmented personalisation to ensure great customer experience (CX).

The purpose of the roundtable was to help those attending develop their confidence with ABM and delivering next-level CX across the board by learning how to properly build customer-centric personalisation into their marketing plans.

Key discussion topics included:

  • How to get started with simple segmentation
  • How to ensure quality data confidently targets your customers
  • How to plan and implement account-based marketing for your most important accounts
  • How content can help validate your assumption before you personalise
  • Which marketing tools can help with individual customer experience
  • How customer journeys can give you insight into the next logical action of the customer.

Attending this insightful roundtable session highlighted that, in the context of ABM (Account Based Marketing), sponsorship from the management team, business culture and resource all play a part in organisations who were on an ABM journey. However, most of these organisations were facing challenges in being able to get to the end of their journey successfully. More often than not, the main reason for this was that the CRM solution being used had become more of a hindrance than a help. For instance, the organisation didn’t have the culture to keep it up to date, or their tool was too inflexible for their requirements. As a result, they were using ad-hoc additional tools which were completely independent and not integrated, adding to the problem of there being only a single source of reliable data and, as a result, causing a data protection issue.

During the session, I was asked: “How do you find time to update your CRM solution and keep it up to date?”. I was surprised by this question, but the answer was simple. CRM is fundamental to successful business processes and operations. Gold-Vision CRM is at the heart of how we work, so updating it isn’t a time-consuming admin task, instead, it is just a simple part of our everyday roles. In fact, if you would like to find out how you can use CRM to accelerate your ABM journey, then this blog is perfect for you.

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