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What makes us different?

Not all CRM’s are created equal, and aside from truly remarkable product features, there are three key things that set Gold-Vision CRM apart from the rest…

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Our product

A complete CRM solution that’s simple to use, highly configurable and scales in-line with your business needs.

Our Prices

Our prices

Gold-Vision offers great value features & performance at a price other CRMs can only dream of.

Our People

Our people

A team of knowledgeable software & business experts dedicated to helping you get the most out of your CRM.

With Gold-Vision you can …

Generate more leads

Manage your leads with intelligent touch point & lead scoring so you know where to focus your time and effort.

Fully integrated sales & marketing through Gold-Vision enables you to see the complete history of a lead, helping you to keep CRM data clean while you qualify and nurture leads.

Manage your pipeline and supercharge revenue

Get a live view of your position to quickly understand the value and type of actual and forecast sales with Gold-Vision.

Simply set performance targets for your organisation per team or per person. Use opportunities as a central hub for quotes and activities and drill down in one click to see all of your sales activities in a single view.

Harness true team collaboration

With one central CRM, you will never have to worry about disjointed systems or silos again.

Communicate with your customers and teams confidently and help your team stay connected with real-time updates and collaboration tools.

Integrate with key business tools

You can ditch the spreadsheets and other siloed data when you switch to a fully-integrated CRM solution. Gold-Vision comes ready to integrate with your key business tools to give you a 360-degree customer view.

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