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The Better Business Expo is Canada’s premier business-to-business tradeshow and networking event. This event connects business professionals with the most innovative business development products and services.

There are two components of the Better Business Expo. This event features the areas largest business development tradeshow with over 100 exhibitors and a conference with keynote speakers and business leaders from the community.

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“How to achieve simple CRM and Marketing”

Presenters: Charlie Shaw, Managing Director, Gold-Vision CRM

Simple CRM solutions usually increase buy-in, reduce cost and are quick to implement. There are lots of apps that fill the space for simple lead management, mailing or pipeline forecasting. So what’s the problem?

The problem is that your business processes haven’t gone away. There are often sophisticated interactions between sales, marketing, financial and customer service departments. When single point solutions get established, these processes tend to go underground. This means a wealth of unintegrated apps often supported by spreadsheets that are creating the old-fashioned islands of information again.

Join Gold-Vision MD, Charlie Shaw and learn how you can achieve simple CRM and marketing.

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Event overview

Opening times

1pm-6pm EST on 25th July, 2019


Mississauga Convention Centre
75 Derry Rd W,
ON L5W 1G3.

Attending from Gold-Vision

  • Charlie Shaw