Gold-Vision launches LiveChat integration

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Written by Lien Schoutteten

Gold-Vision is proud to announce its newest integration with LiveChat. You can now sync your Gold-Vision with one of the top web chat tools to offer your customers and leads smarter and faster support. Find out more about the LiveChat integration with Gold-Vision.

A truly unified solution:

Gone are the days of storing web chats and customer data in different places. The integration allows you to see key contact information in LiveChat, and store all chats automatically in Gold-Vision, making your CRM the central hub for all customer data.

The integration as a help desk tool:

The LiveChat integration allows your support agents to personalise your messages to customers. Relevant CRM information such as company name, job title and account manager is displayed directly in the chat window so you know instantly who you’re talking to. The live customer details reduce the back-and-forth for your support agents significantly and allows you to offer a better customer experience. Gold-Vision support tickets can be created from chats, and all transcripts are automatically saved against the ticket.

Support Team Manager Daryl Collis commented:

Our team has been using the LiveChat integration as part of the customer support mix for a few months now, and we are loving it. The team immediately see the contact’s name and which company they work for. This provides us with the vital information we need as we prepare to help, looking through any recent issues, even logging on to their Gold-Vision, if required.

If the contact is not already in our Gold-Vision, we can simply add them with one click. One more click creates a support ticket (activity) and attaches the chat transcript, keeping everything in one place and improving our efficiency. 

Over 10% of support enquires come in via LiveChat now, reducing the number if phone calls being handled.

The integration as a sales tool:

All website visitors are essentially sales opportunities. Use the LiveChat integration to generate new leads and convert them into customers. Capture email addresses from chats and create new Gold-Vision leads in a simple click. Live information about your existing prospects are displayed in LiveChat and sales agents can create CRM opportunities directly from a chat.  

The LiveChat integration is available on the latest version of Gold-Vision. If you are an existing Gold-Vision user please contact your account manager for more information.

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