Gold-Vision configuration

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What happens before you configure Gold-Vision

Our successful implementation approach delivers real benefits for your organisation. We follow a clear process to guarantee that you implement Gold-Vision efficiently and on schedule.

  • Who will be your internal project sponsor?

A key factor for a successful implementation is having clear ownership within your business. We encourage you to determine who and which teams need to be involved in your CRM project, and appoint a main project sponsor and project team.

  • Plan and scope the project

We give you the documents and tools that enable your team to consider what your key CRM requirements are. We will also get in touch to arrange the best timing for the configuration of your project based on your target go-live date.

  • Gold-Vision implementation consultant

One of our experienced implementation team will be your main contact during the project. They will work with you to define how you want to use Gold-Vision and what your organisation wants to gain from CRM. Implementing Gold-Vision provides a great opportunity to improve existing and introduce new processes that provide additional benefits to your business. Our consultants will efficiently translate your requirements into the system.


Our Gold-Vision implementation consultants will work with your project sponsor and team to understand your business processes and objectives. Together you will configure the system, including:

  • Labels to fit your organisations’ terminology
  • Screen layout preferences
  • Product list import
  • Standard template documents
  • User / user group security parameters
  • Data migration
  • Reporting requirements

Have a look at how your different teams such as Customer Support, Marketing, Sales, Operations and Finance work together and determine which of their existing processes will be transferred into Gold-Vision.

While we configure Gold-Vision with you we provide administration training to the main users so that they can make future changes themselves. This allows your users to use Gold-Vision quickly and see the difference it makes to their day-to-day work.

“Gold-Vision is very user friendly and we have been able to customise it to our requirements.”