Touch points

Give your sales team an unfair advantage. Contact your customers and leads at the optimum moment with touch points. Measure interactions, build up a score and reach out exactly when your contacts are most receptive.

Get in touch at exactly the right moment.

Know your customer

Combine CRM data with recording and scoring of online activity that matters for your business. Empower all customer facing members of your business to up-sell, cross-sell and know what interests your customer.

Combine website visits, email marketing interactions, social touches and face-to-face feedback to give a fast and powerful overview right within CRM.

Lead scoring

Identify which leads you should be talking to through touch point scoring. Prioritise your team's efforts for maximum results and align sales and markting.

Create new leads from website visitors and automatically pick up when dormant leads re-engage.

Carry out marketing campaigns to high scoring leads, and create follow on actions for your sales team.

Website visitor tracking

Set up scoring for your website, allowing you to pick up on visits to pages of interest. These visits automatically appear into Gold-Vision, where they are matched to known leads, prospects and customers. Generate new leads from anonymous traffic to your website via reverse IP tracking.

Learn more about our integrations with Lead Forensics and OnMonitoring.

Email engagement

Use touch point scoring to highlight key actions in your email marketing campaigns. Scoring options allow you to create touch points using individual campaigns, engagement, specific link click-throughs and more.

It’s easy to create follow up campaigns to specific groups with certain touch point scores, allowing you to target exactly the right people at exactly the right moment.

Social media

Score social interactions in real time, from retweets to comments, mentions to brand-specific hashtags. Score leads and customers based on social touches, alert account managers to customer’s social activity, and record the information at contact level in CRM.


Marketing automation

Combine touch points with marketing automation to set up actions based on interaction scores, and let it happen automatically. Such as:

  • Assign qualified leads
  • Create a telephone follow-up
  • Alert account manager to a tweet
  • Add a lead to a campaign based on their score

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“Lead scoring has helped prioritise workload for the sales team
and made it easier to tailor packages and cross-sell to our clients.”