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Measure the impact of tweets, retweets, follows and mentions using the CRM integration. Create defined rules to score brand
interactions on Twitter, taking social touches into your wider marketing strategy.

How it works..

  • Prospect, customer, or new opportunity?

Make sense of your followers. Gold-Vision will allocate interactions by account, letting you know if that recent retweet was a customer, supplier, prospect or somebody you haven’t previously come across.

  • Set your own rules

You can choose what matters to you. Is it a campaign specific hashtag, a mention or a retweet? Is it one Twitter account, or two? Set up your touch point scoring to match whatever is most important in your business.

  • Generate new leads

Automatically create leads from previously unknown followers, depending on your chosen criteria.

Score followers with touch points

Score twitter accounts who retweet, follow or mention you using Gold-Vision touch points. Sales and account managers can immediately identify which of their accounts and leads are hot depending on their touch point score.

Touch point scoring combines social, website and email marketing to identify which of your accounts and leads are hot right now. Give your sales and marketing teams the intelligence to close new business at the best moment.

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