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Use the OnMonitoring integration to automatically import website visitors into Gold-Vision. Identify which of your leads and accounts are interacting with your website. Generate new leads from previously unknown visitors. Identify which visitors you should follow up with web page scoring.

How it works..

Prioritise your hottest leads and automatically match website visit activity to your existing leads and accounts in Gold-Vision.

  • Identify new leads

Turn new website visitors into CRM leads based on your pre-selected criteria.

  • Assign visits to existing records

Website visits from your existing leads and accounts are automatically matched in CRM.

  • Gain visitor insight

Identify the exact pages your website visitors spent time on. See the history in each lead or account.

Touch point scoring

Integrating OnMonitoring with Gold-Vision enables website visitor touch point scoring. Score your accounts and leads depending on their visits to your website, giving specific scores to website pages.

Identify which leads and accounts have most recently interacted with your brand depending on their touch point score. Combine website visit scoring with email marketing and social interactions for a full picture of account engagement.

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