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Make the most of your website by integrating Gold-Vision with Lead Forensics. Generate new leads, identify which of your accounts are interacting with you online and score your website activity. Gold-Vision automatically imports website visitor data, allowing your sales and marketing teams to put it to action immediately.

How it works..

Prioritise your hottest leads and automatically match website visit activity to your existing leads and accounts in Gold-Vision.

  • Automatic website visitor import

Choose to import all visitors, or refine your settings to visit types that are of interest to you.

  • Match to existing leads & accounts

Gold-Vision automatically assigns website visitors to the associated lead or account in CRM.

  • Generate new leads

Automatically create leads from previously unknown website visitors, depending on your chosen criteria.

Score website visitors with touch points

Score website visitors who visit key pages on your website using Gold-Vision touch points. Sales and account managers can immediately identify which of their accounts and leads are hot depending on their touch point score.

Marketers can carry out targeted email marketing campaigns to website visitors depending on either score or website page visited. Combine website scoring with email marketing and social interactions for full engagement scoring.

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