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Pull social intelligence into Gold-Vision using the Facebook integration. Score, measure and react to likes, posts and mentions as part of your wider communications strategy.
Combine Facebook scoring with Twitter, email marketing and website visitor tracking for a complete scoring model.

How it works..

  • Score the interactions that matter

Decide which actions on Facebook signify relevant interest for you, set up a rule in Gold-Vision, and score it. Stop spending time searching through social, and pull the relevant information straight into CRM.

  • Find new leads

Set up automatic rules to create new leads for followers who you aren't already in contact with, based on touch point score.

  • Make sense of your followers

Gold-Vision allocates touch point scores to accounts, contacts, suppliers, leads and prospects, allowing you to measure the impact of your latest social campaign.

Touch point scoring

Combine Facebook as part of an integrated scoring approach with touch points in Gold-Vision. Score your accounts and leads based on their posts, mentions and likes.

Sales and account managers can immediately identify which of their accounts and leads are hot depending on their touch point score.

Carry out targeted campaigns based on touch point scores. Combine social scoring with email and website visitor tracking for a full picture.

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