The Modular Heating Group Limited are an acknowledged leader in boiler and radiator technology and fast-becoming a household name. The group incorporates MHS Radiators, Elco and ATAG who as a whole use Gold-Vision as their chosen CRM solution.

The challenge

Before Gold-Vision, MHS were using various manual systems, such as ‘black books’ for each salesperson, and a number of disparate spreadsheets and databases were in use across the business. These manual processes meant that everyday tasks, such as managing quotes and tenders, were far from simple.

Different areas of the business had different needs, with one key requirement being reporting to allow the business to manage their pipeline and manage resources and stock.  The team at MHS were also keen to keep the terminology in their CRM specific to their business so that users would find it familiar to help ease the culture change – moving to one of information sharing.


The Gold-Vision CRM solution

Gold-Vision is now used as a group-wide solution and has been configured to the requirements of each team involved, Gold-Vision enabled MHS to centralise all prospect/customer contacts and opportunities, and – more importantly – able to manage their configuration themselves and make changes to fields and screens as and when needed.

This granular level of customisation control allows them to create a space that is specific to their business needs and is familiar to their users.

Outlook integration

Outlook & Exchequer integrations

Integrating with Outlook enabled MHS to track and manage emails and appointments directly from within their CRM.  An Exchequer (finance system) integration also made managing quotes much easier as all quotes are produced by the office team and tracked within Gold-Vision.


Tender management

As a manufacturing company that works closely with construction, tender management was a top priority as often MHS would receive multiple requests for a job from different contractors. 

The multi-tender management functionality and ‘linking’ functionality within Gold-Vision provides more visibility on jobs and simplifies the whole process.

Dashboards & Reporting

Sales reporting

Before Gold-Vision, reporting was near impossible due to the siloed, hard-copy only nature of MHS’s business information. There were also too many different areas to capture information from, with the majority of data sources being spreadsheet-driven and time-consuming.

With all of this data now centralised within a single database, MHS’s management team champion the reporting capabilities of their CRM, especially its availability across the business, including at board level.

CRM requirements

  • Sales dashboards & reporting
  • Lead management
  • Tender & quotations management
  • Marketing automation


Marketing automation

Once the initial deployment had been achieved from a sales perspective, MHS turned their attention to marketing. Having all of their information in one place means that they now knew who their end user was and could use this data to support their existing marketing activities. In particular, this centralisation meant that they could start to use email to help build brand awareness.

Though MHS use an external agency to manage their marketing, using Gold-Vision’s integrated email marketing tool (Connect) means that they are able to create, send and report on email campaigns all within their CRM.  

Adding the marketing automation module also opened up further opportunities for MHS. For instance, they are using the marketing automation module to drive GDPR privacy notifications to ensure these are sent.  


GDPR compliance

In early 2018, Gold-Vision released new GDPR functionality, and with it a new ‘Privacy Dashboard’ which pulls information on data retention expiry dates, Erasure and Subject Access Requests (SARs) into a simple set of tables and charts that Gold-Vision admins can manage. 

Training was provided around the use of the new data privacy features, which enabled MHS to ensure all of their existing data was compliant ahead of the May 28th 2018 deadline, and they’re now able to use marketing automation to keep contacts updated on an ongoing basis.


The results

Since taking the decision to make CRM the heart of their operations, MHS have achieved a great many successes; from streamlining processes and centralising data, increasing sales effectiveness, increasing brand awareness, and bottom-line improvements that included a 50% increase in turnover in 2017.

What’s next for us

As we continue our relationship, further improvements in reporting and sales process are planned as well as increased use of marketing communications and digital brand awareness.  

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