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GFC deliver world leading financing and investment events and conferences, including the Bonds & Loans series, META Projects and the Mining and Investment Latin America Summit.

Julia Wallace, Marketing Director at GFC, has shared her experience of using Gold-Vision’s marketing campaign functionality to improve client communications and align the sales and marketing teams.

Business need

A flexible and measurable approach to email marketing. Allowing us to send tailored and relevant content to our clients.

Improving client communications & aligning sales and marketing.

Why did you choose Gold-Vision?

At GFC our company is built on the relationships we have with our clients. We pride ourselves on providing detailed and relevant content to the industries and markets in which we operate, whether it be through the events we run or the newsletters and content we distribute.

Our previous email system was not aligned with this ethos. It was a one size fits all solution that basically only allowed us to mass email people. Gold-Vision campaigns & Connect email marketing has changed that. Our clients can now opt in and out of specific campaigns and subject areas, meaning they only receive what is relevant to them. And we can see what types of emails they are opening and engaging with and better tailor future messages to them.

CRM requirements

  • Improved communications
  • Connect email marketing
  • Lead scoring

  • Sales & marketing alignment



  • Targeted and tailored client communications
  • Easy lead scoring
  • Better cross-selling
  • Sales & marketing find it much easier to work together

The improvement in our communications from our clients’ perspective is by far our favourite feature, but it has benefits internally as well. The integration with Gold-Vision itself allows the marketing and sales teams to work much more effectively together.

We use touch points to lead score our contacts which in turn allows the sales team to prioritise their calls. They are also able to see that client’s interaction with other members of the team and our marketing, making it easier to tailor packages and cross-sell.

What can Gold-Vision do for your business?

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