Your customer lifecycle

Gold-Vision’s marketing automation module is extremely versatile and can be applied to the entire lifecycle of your customers.

As a result, you and can save valuable time for your sales and marketing teams which means that they can focus their efforts on generating more leads and producing more sales.

Lead capture

Marketing automation doesn’t just have to be used for emails. For instance, you can use Gold-Vision’s touch point alerting to identify when a lead visits an important page on your website such as your pricing page, or comments on a social media post.

Simply set up scores for the pages and interactions that matter most to you, then create an alert that will automatically notify the team of your choice that action is required.

For example, if a lead has accumulated a score over 100 points then every member on your sales team will receive a Gold-Vision alert prompting them to follow-up or qualify the lead.

Lead nurture

Imagine you are exhibiting at an event and want to not only capture every lead that you speak with but also nurture them after the event – Gold-Vision can help with that.

Before the event, create a lead list in Gold-Vision and a mailshot in Gold-Vision Connect ready to be sent to everyone that you speak with on the day. Then, using marketing automation, you can enhance this process by setting up a workflow that will send your mailshot every half an hour to any new leads that have been added to your event lead list.

That’s not all – you could then use marketing automation to send out a follow-up email, or maybe a follow-up call, to every lead on your list 3 days after the event.

Onboard new customers

So now that you’ve done all the hard work to capture a lead and nurture it to the point where they have become a customer, what happens next?

Unlike many other marketing automation solutions that position themselves as a ‘lead only’ tool, Gold-Vision’s marketing automation tool is fully integrated with your CRM database. This means that you can continue to use all of the features that come with marketing automation even after your leads have become customers.

This is extremely helpful when it comes to onboarding new customers to your business. Using marketing automation, you can set up a simple but extremely effective automated welcome campaign that will share everything your new customers need to know at structured and planned out intervals for the best customer experience possible.

Manage privacy notices

Managing data privacy since the introduction of new privacy regulations such as GDPR, CCPA or PIPEDA is something that has to be taken seriously but doesn’t have to be a drain on resources and time.

Using marketing automation to manage the heavy lifting for you means that you can rest easy knowing that your legal obligations are being met.

For example, you can set up a simple automated flow that ensures that any new contacts added to your CRM database will receive a copy of your privacy notice on the same day! You can even set up this automated flow to send your privacy notice to new recipients only. This way you don’t have to worry about bombarding your existing contacts with multiple emails that they’ve already received.

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