With hundreds of millions of people exploring links, articles, Retweets, Trends, and Moments to find out more about what’s new, Twitter is where people come to discover what’s happening.

Twitter integration for Gold-Vision CRM

Understand and nurture your existing customers and potential leads with greater clarity. Measure the impact of tweets, retweets, follows and mentions within Gold-Vision CRM.

Create defined rules to score brand interactions on Twitter, and introduce social touches into your wider sales & marketing strategy; enabling your team to immediately identify which of their accounts and leads are hot depending on their touch point score.

Identify social engagement

Gold-Vision tracks interactions by Twitter account. As a result, you can see whether that recent retweet was from a customer, supplier, prospect, or somebody that you haven’t previously come across.

Set your own rules

Whether it’s the use of a specific campaign hashtag, or simply a mention or retweet – score your Twitter touch points in a way that matters the most to you.

Generate new leads

Using touch points, Gold-Vision CRM will automatically create new leads based on the criteria that you have chosen – giving you valuable insights into previously unknown followers.

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Type Social media & chat
Best for Sales & Marketing Teams
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