An accounting solution that can be fully integrated throughout your business for a unified view, Opera 3 eliminates the need for separate finance, payroll, supply chain or service systems.

Pegasus Opera 3 integration for Gold-Vision CRM

With the Gold-Vision Pegasus Opera 3 integration, you are able to connect customer, sales order and product data with CRM. Convert won quotes into sales orders without the need to manually re-input the details, and decrease the chances of human errors significantly.

How it works…

  • Create Pegasus Opera 3 customers from Gold-Vision accounts. Existing customers can be linked at the time of your implementation
  • Sales teams can add Opera 3 approved products to Gold-Vision quotes. When the sale is made and the quote won, the integration will automatically create a sales order in Pegasus Opera 3
  • The integration can find your new products in Opera 3 and will set them up in Gold-Vison. Updates to existing product details are equally imported into CRM
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Type Finance/ERP
Best for Sales & Finance Teams

Premium integration