Communicate with people in familiar ways on Facebook. Whether your business is global or rooted in a local community, you can find your customers here.

Facebook integration for Gold-Vision CRM

Score, measure and react to Facebook likes, posts and mentions as part of your broader marketing & communications strategy.

Combine Facebook scoring with Twitter, email marketing and website visitor tracking for a complete scoring model.

Focus on what matters

Stop wasting time endlessly searching through social media with our simple Facebook integration. Instead, decide which actions are the most important for your business (be it likes, posts or mentions), then set up a rule in your CRM and score it. It’s that simple!

Understand your followers

When integrated with Facebook, your CRM can effortlessly allocate touch point scores to accounts, contacts, suppliers, leads and prospects. All of this helps you to understand and measure the impact of your social campaigns, giving you valuable insights into what your followers want.

New leads = new business

Give your sales team a head start on the competition by setting up Facebook rules within Gold-Vision. For example, Gold-Vision can be set to automatically create new leads for any followers interacting with your page or posts on Facebook who you aren’t already in contact with, all based on their touch point score.

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Type Social media & chat
Best for Sales & Marketing Teams
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