Central marketing hub

Forget the nightmare of managing various spreadsheets and marketing data across multiple systems. With Gold-Vision’s integrated campaign management tool, you can take back control and manage all of your marketing plans and campaigns in one place. As a result, your data is protected in a centrally controlled environment, ensuring compliance with local data regulations

Targeted campaigns

Save time, increase data accuracy and create winning campaign sources without ever having to export a CSV file again. Campaign sources are flexible, reusable lists that can be created from any Gold-Vision CRM or Lead Management list. Sources can be used for marketing campaigns as inclusion or exclusion lists, making sure that your campaigns are only sent to the people you want.

Easily segment your entire database by any CRM field, creating sources that are unique to your business needs. For instance, you can filter by industry, job role or location. Then, when you have your segments, market to them with online and offline tools and measure your ROI automatically, all from inside your CRM.

Follow-up stages & rules

Gold-Vision Connect integrates perfectly with Gold-Vision CRM allowing you to respond to a recipient’s reactions to your Connect campaign automatically. For instance, create follow up actions for your sales team based on behaviours such as opens or click-throughs.

You can also add rules to your follow-up stages to save valuable time. For example, if you have sent out an event invitation email to a group of contacts. Because their Gold-Vision Event bookings are also linked to the campaign you can set up a rule that sends out parking instructions to only those who have a confirmed linked booking.

Multi-stage campaigns

Maybe you want to create a direct mail campaign, possibly a telemarketing series, or is an email-based nurture cycle what you’re after? Whatever approach, you can use Gold-Vision’s campaign management tool to create as many stages as you want with ease.

Clear ROI

Immediately understand how effective your campaign has been with accurate, built-in ROI measurement. Monitor things like:

  • Campaign click-throughs
  • Campaign progress, such as the number of bookings, activities, opportunities or appointments
  • Profit per campaign, based on the cost of the campaign itself

What can Gold-Vision do for your business?

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