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It’s a fairly well-known fact that with our forthcoming big release of Gold-Vision CRM (version 8), we’re bringing in a whole new look and feel. In particular, we will be delivering an entirely new, modern user interface (UI) and experience (UX). 

But it’s not all about looks. We’re also releasing a new set of CRM features to add new functionality and capability in line with some of the most common requests that we’ve had from customers, and our own internal teams alike.

With the beta release now available to new and existing customers, here’s a look at some of the standout new CRM features that you can already take advantage of…

What’s new in Gold-Vision CRM (Version 8)

1. New look screen designer

This first one is a biggie.

We have updated the screen design tool with a bright new interface and experience that fits in with the contemporary new look and feel being brought in with the release.

Global controls are grouped at the top of the page, and we have organised and collapsed down into menus the section configuration area. Most notably, a user can now drag and drop elements to re-order them, and the design selection screen now displays a card layout.

Screen designer

Furthermore, if any ‘visibility’ rules have been used within the design these are highlighted on the card layout. This helps administrators identify different design variations across the system.  

2. Smarter (global) search

Our new Global Search feature allows you to search for most items across the product by almost any text field data. 

Just start typing in the search box and results will start to appear. If too many results show up, remove un-wanted item types using the filters. 

Search everything

Administrators can configure which items and fields are used to process search results via the Screen Designer. All-in-all, we think this is a vast improvement on the limited search option available in previous releases!

3. List design tool 

We’re also really pleased with our new List Design Tool, which has been added to allow Users to configure how lists are rendered by default. 

Two main improvements have been made to the existing list designer:

  1. Users can add and remove columns as desired outside of the narrow limits enforced by version 7

  2. All top-level lists and item sub-lists are now editable.
List design tool

4. Team management

Over time “Teams” have been used in a variety of fruitful ways. As a result, they’ve occasionally ended up being overloaded in terms of their use/purpose. Sometimes, there have even been many more Teams than Users in a system in order to deliver the required functionality.

Now, in version 8, Administrators can:

  • Override team access options per-user
  • Select multiple teams when configuring page, section, field group, field viability/editability
  • Override team security settings for a page, section, field group, and field per-user.
Team management

5. Multi-language support

Another set of high-level objectives for version 8 were the ability to configure the system to use more than one language, and for it to be possible to add any number of languages to a single system instance (deployment). 

Easy!” we hear you cry.  But when you consider the sheer number of places users and administrators can set labels that another user might see, plus all of the system labels, this presented quite a challenge. 

We’re pleased to say that we’ve delivered on our objectives. Plus, to support the new multi-language functionality there is now an administration area that can be accessed from the Settings menu. 

Users can review enabled languages, make changes to individual labels, and perform bulk import and export of labels to allow for external management.  

Fun fact: To test this feature, a debug language called “Reversi” was used in our development systems, which displays everything sdrawkcab.

Multi-language support

We’ll be reviewing and further enhancing this feature as we deliver more multi-language sites over the coming months, so let us know if this is something that you’re particularly interested in hearing more about.

6. Multi-culture support

Similar to the multi-language support is the new multi-culture settings. ‘Culture’ preferences can be selected per-user and will control how numbers and dates are entered, validated, and displayed in the system. 

All known ‘cultures’ are currently supported, and Users can select their culture, along with their chosen language, to create a familiar, localised view of their CRM.  

Multi-culture support

7. Targets and charts

Tied into the main UI update are new options available to display and understand your data, visually.

User and product targets can now be administered via the Settings area. In addition, it’s now possible for Users to create target charts and heat tables. These can then be pinned as widgets to homepages as per earlier versions of Gold-Vision.

An additional enhancement also means that Users can now select which date field is used to report on for any target chart – enabling the creation of target reports from user-defined dates.  

Targets & charts

On a related note, we’ve also implemented a new date and time picker that’s easier to use on both desktop and mobile. Users can now select linked start and end dates from a single picker, and date-only pickers show a simple one-click control with no time selection.

Date picker

8. Create/edit widgets from homepages

One of the most common requests regarding homepages and dashboards is being able to edit widgets once they have been created. Additionally, one of Gold-Vision’s most powerful features (dashboards) was ‘hidden’ by the fact that widgets could only be created from the Report tab once, within a filtered list.  

To resolve these issues, we’ve now made it possible for users to both create and edit chart widgets directly from their homepages, as often as they need.  

Create widgets

A bonus sibling feature of this improvement is that Admins can also perform this trick from the screen design tool for item designs. This means that they can now create powerful overview and chart sections within item screens.   

9. Alerting improvements

You may not think it would be, but arguably one of the largest, most complicated, and therefore riskiest-to-touch aspects of the v8 update was the alerting system. 

The Gold-Vision alerting system has been around for a decade, is deeply tied to most of the back-end workings, and has been built upon many times. It’s fair to say that alerting has been the iceberg in our path for the duration of the Gold-Vision 8 project.  

In addition to all existing alerting functionality, administrators can now define group names for alerts to allow those with common purposes to be combined on screen (something we hope to build on in the future to further improve alert organisation).

Alerting improvements

One of the most popular custom work requests in version 7 has been to pull a field from a parent item down to a child item to display on screen or use in alerting. 

Gold-Vision 8 now supports the ability to use parent (and grandparent) fields in both the screen design and alerting process. For example, when adding a field to the screen the user is prompted to add either a field from the current object or to select from the parent (or grandparent) item. 

10. Multi-select fields

Another common customer request of version 7 is “can I have more category fields?“. The answer to this question has historically been “no”, but with version 8, multi-select fields mean administrators can now create user-defined additional dropdown fields that support multi-selection. 

Multi-select fields

Admins simply create the new multi-select type field (against any item that supports additional fields) and set up the relevant options. Users can then select one or many options against the field (which also supports inline edit, bulk replace, and alerting).

11. Action prompts

In version 7 of Gold-Vision CRM, users are sometimes prompted with actions to perform next when creating or editing items. In version 8, we wanted to improve the way these prompts work. We achieved this by making them both more widely useful (offering more options to users), and a more seamless user experience (removing the modal dialog approach).

So in comes the “What’s Next” action prompt feature!

Action prompts

When creating a new item, Users are now shown a blue “What’s Next” bar at the top of the item screen. It lists actions that they might want to perform next, which they can then either choose to select an option from or ignore.

For now, Administrators can configure how long the “What’s Next” bar appears for (never, 1 minute, 15 minutes, 1 hour, 1 week) under “UI Settings”, and we’ll be adding further options in future releases.

12. Seminar booking management

The seminar bookings area has been completely overhauled and a new “booking manager” has been implemented.   

Booking management

This new booking manager emulates what version 7 does for creating bookings, including the ability to manage events from a financial perspective by adding products to sessions and bookings. It also simplifies the flow and allows users access to the same functionality for both new and existing bookings.

In Gold-Vision 8:

  • Users can create bookings, add/manage attendees, and bulk-book all from the same new booking screen
  • A bulk-book control exists to add/remove attendees from all sessions
  • Saved bookings show a new style “Attendee Planner” view
  • Editing a saved booking offers the same control flow as when creating a new booking in terms of attendee management

Experience Gold-Vision 8

So, as you can see, a lot of work has gone into this revamp and we’re really excited to be able to start offering a CRM solution that makes an even bigger difference.

We’ve already had some great feedback about Gold-Vision 8 and we’re really excited about what the next few months hold. Watch this space as we will be finalising the main release, rolling out our new CRM integrations, and introducing our new portal framework.

If you’re looking to implement a new CRM, there has never been a better time to find out more about what Gold-Vision can do for your business – Arrange a demo today.

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