In our experience, businesses in the packaging and container industry without a CRM and integrated marketing tools will either be using a network of manual processes, spreadsheets and apps or relying on an ERP system to do much more than it’s naturally designed to do. While it’s certainly possible to make either of these approaches work to an extent, it requires a lot of work and more time than your team has to spare. As a result, vital areas of your business – such as marketing – can easily become neglected and potentially underperform, leading to sub-standard experiences for your customers. 

What’s the answer?

The answer is simple – introducing integrated marketing tools such as marketing automation and email marketing tools that work seamlessly with a CRM system. But don’t just take my word for it. Over the rest of this blog, I’m going to show you five irresistible ways that fully integrated marketing automation and email marketing tools, backed up by CRM, can make a significant difference and improve the experience of both your customers and team.

5 irresistible ways that integrated marketing tools can help

1. Lead capture and lead nurture

Starting off the journey with new customers requires effective lead capture and nurturing so that you are investing time in the prospective business opportunities that matter. Use marketing automation to identify a lead that is exhibiting serious shopping behaviour such as looking at your pricing page, terms and conditions, or commenting on a social media post. Add touchpoint scoring to this so that you can see high scores on those key pages and prioritize reaching out to those businesses.

Trade shows are another great source of leads for many businesses in the packaging and container industry. Again, marketing automation can be your intelligent companion where you can set up a rule so that all new leads entered into your CRM on a time interval of 30 minutes receive a mailshot from your encounter at your booth. This leaves a good impression with your prospective customers and keeps you at the forefront of their minds when they return to their businesses looking for a packaging supplier.

Also, make sure those leads receive the relevant information they need through the buying cycle. Create intelligent lead nurture campaigns through marketing automation by setting up rules so that they receive tailored content depending on earlier click-throughs of other product and services campaigns.

2. Customer onboarding and beyond

A seamless customer onboarding process is worth its weight in gold and confirms to your new customers that they’ve made the right choice. However, it can be hard to achieve, especially without the help of a marketing automation tool.

With a marketing automation tool in place, particularly one backed up by your CRM database, you can create a streamlined and simple onboarding process that requires minimal input from the team but leads to your customers feeling empowered. But, before you can set anything up, you need to map out exactly what kind of journey you want to take your new customers on. Once this is done, it’s as simple as creating the stages in your system and letting it take care of the rest for you.

For example, you might want to start with a welcome email that thanks them for choosing you/placing their order and introduces them to your business. After waiting a few days you may want to reach out again, this time with helpful links and contact information. Following this you may want to notify them of a new customer promotion on their next order (something like this).

3. Show off your green credentials

Being green in the packaging and container industry is becoming more important with every passing day. And while it’s definitely important for the planet, it could also be the deciding factor that makes a customer choose you over your competition. So shout it from the rooftops with the help of email marketing.

4. Share legislation changes or current affairs news updates

Changes to packaging regulations and legislation happen all the time and can have an impact on your customers and the costs that they’re paying. However, you wouldn’t expect them to stay up to date with every change that may or may not be applicable to them. Instead, you can use marketing automation and email marketing to communicate any relevant changes to them in a timely manner that ensures they understand what the possible implications may be. This is made easier with the help of an integrated CRM as you can filter your lists so that only those who will be affected by a certain change are contacted about it.

Also with the state of global affairs right now and a supply chain that is constrained throughout, having the ability to send mailers on specific services or products that give your customers a heads-up is essential.

5. Internal communications

Finally, we take a look inwards. Many of the packaging and container businesses that we work with are large and may be spread out over a number of sites. As a result, communicating internal news at scale isn’t as simple as a note on a notice board. Instead, you can use email marketing to send out company-wide mail shots that will look great and engage your employees far better than a simple business-wide email. Keep your colleagues informed of your business activities that build rapport and a sense of work community.

Why choose Gold-Vision CRM?

Gold-Vision CRM has the added benefit of a fully integrated suite of marketing tools. Never do you have to experience the headaches of exporting and importing CSV files to your email campaign tool. Never worry again about tracking your unsubscribes and marketing preference changes of your campaign sources. Gold-Vision CRM takes care of all of these things for you within a central contact database. You can rest assured that you are compliant with local and international data compliance regulations.

Easily filter and sort your contacts by product types, packaging segments, markets covered, geography, or any other classifications you require for your customer database.

Create intelligent campaigns in Gold-Vision that allow you to set up follow-up rules to your campaigns, such as a follow-up email or phone call from your sales team to your prospects depending on the click-through of content from your initial campaign.

Speak with a team member today to discuss exactly how Gold-Vision CRM can help your teams get the most out of their marketing efforts.

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