Working with one of our customers, Forum Events, I have seen first-hand the benefits they have gained from integrating Adobe Sign with Gold-Vision for managing their supplier and media partner bookings.

Read on to get an overview of how the integration works and discover the results that Forum Events have achieved ever since using the Adobe Sign integration.

Forum Events and Gold-Vision CRM

Forum Events pioneered ‘The Forum Experience’ to bring high calibre industry experts together. They work with buyers to understand their procurement strategy and source suppliers that meet and deliver their expectations. They also work with suppliers to expand and grow their new business revenue by connecting them with buyers within their industry

When the Forum Events team first moved to Gold-Vision, they were looking for a CRM solution that would integrate their core processes into a single database. This would ensure that all their key sales, account management and marketing processes would be embedded.

They had used Adobe Sign for a number of years to manage supplier bookings. As a result, it was imperative that they were able to send and receive booking confirmations quickly, and in turn, that suppliers could sign a form on any device and return.  

Having recently implemented Gold-Vision across their teams, the new integration enables everyone to send documents within Gold-Vision using the Adobe Sign integration, allowing for faster, more efficient booking management.

The benefits of Gold-Vision’s Adobe Sign integration

As ‘Microsoft’s preferred e-signature solution’, Adobe Sign works seamlessly with Gold-Vision’s Office 365 integration, and users can email documents directly from Gold-Vision CRM.

Since integrating Adobe Sign with Gold-Vision, Forum Events enjoy an enhanced document creation process. They can now track progress and view auditing details of documents all in one place. In addition:

  • The Adobe integration enables Forum Events to quickly generate detailed proposal documents for their suppliers to sign off within minutes. This is thanks to their Gold-Vision CRM holding all pricing related to the events, such as sponsorship and media packages
  • Products are easily added to a quote. From this, their users can create, send for signature and track all documents, sent and returned via Adobe Sign 
  • Multiple standard templates have been created (within Gold-Vision CRM) to make it simple for users to select the correct form and send without the need to amend wording
  • A simple report against the document gives users full visibility, allowing them to manage their relationships professionally

It’s still early days, but Forum Events are already planning on increasing their use of the Adobe Sign integration through Gold-Vision to include their buyer processes and other confirmation documents in the near future.

Adobe Sign integrated with Gold-Vision is a key process for the Forum Events team and they picked up how to use it with little training, it was great to watch how quickly they produced and sent their bookings at go live!”  – Bashar Al-Azzawe, Gold-Vision Project Consultant

Easy to implement for your business

If you are considering an eSign option then Adobe Sign Integration with Gold-Vision CRM is quick to implement and setup.

Existing Gold-Vision user? If you are already an Adobe Sign customer, the good news is there’s NO additional cost. Contact us now and someone from our team will be happy to assist with getting you up and running.

If you’re not yet a Gold-Vision customer, arrange a personalised demo to find out more about the integration and what Gold-Vision can do for your business.

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