Being ‘productive’ is often classed as an individual’s personality trait or work ethic. Whilst it’s a great individual quality, it can become problematic when you begin to look at the bigger picture of company timelines, goals and aspirations. You could have 10 employees working just as hard as each other, but working in these siloes can lead to duplicated, and wasted efforts.

The good news is that a CRM system like Gold-Vision can improve companywide productivity through its intelligent features. Automating time-consuming tasks, delegating activities, and bringing teams closer together don’t have to be difficult – let us show you how!

1. Bringing teams together with a system that can be adopted by all

When you’re investing in a new piece of software the last thing you want is for it to fall by the wayside. This can often happen if teams aren’t confident in using the system or get trapped in old ways and processes. Another major factor to consider is making sure you pick something beneficial to all departments, not just sales or marketing. Not only does this lead to a siloed working environment, but it could also make employees wonder why one team is getting invested in, and another isn’t.

One of Gold-Vision’s key objectives is to create a CRM system that all teams will actually want to use. After all, CRM systems become more intelligent and worthwhile the more they are utilised. With all of your company and business information organised logically in one centralised view, the easier it becomes to streamline processes and improve efficiency.

The benefits of using a CRM accessible to all are plentiful, with the most important being team alignment. Team goals can be created easily and are more likely to be achieved when they are clear and simple. Gold-Vision’s interactive Dashboards create a quick-glance, unified view of targets and achievements – something for teams to work towards!

2. Automation

Using your CRM to automate tasks and processes means less manual labour and more time for the important stuff! There is also less room for human error and duplicated efforts – here are some examples:

Lead generation & follow up

Leads can be generated through many different platforms and efforts, including webforms, social media, cold outreach or even through networking events and exhibitions. The key with the transition from a lead to a prospect is quick follow-up to keep the lead engaged and focussed – the more time that goes by, the less chance you’ll have to capture their attention and build a lasting relationship.

Automation removes the need for employees to manually check for leads, across multiple avenues. When a lead fills out a form on your website, for example, Gold-Vision can pick up and automatically add them to a dedicated lead list, notifying specific teams or employees to follow up quickly.


Marketing automation is key to targeting the right people, with the right content at the right time. It can also be a pinnacle tool in onboarding new customers and keeping existing ones up-to-date on the latest news and features.

Gold-Vision’s Campaigns module, along with our in-house email creation tool, Connect, makes marketing automation a breeze. You can set triggers within your CRM system to send out single mail shots when a new action is completed – such as sending welcome packs when a new account is set up. Even more impressive, is Campaign’s ability to automatically manage multi-stage email and telephone campaigns – you simply create your stages, establish run settings and the rest is done for you – including follow-up activities. Not only are these functionalities impressive, but they also save you a shed load of time!

3. Better organisation and delegation of tasks

There is nothing productive about different team members completing the same task twice – but it’s a common, and understandable mishap. Without a holistic view of everything that’s going on in a busy office, there are bound to be duplicated efforts.

With Projects and Activities, everyone can see what their team is up to, with the ability to delegate tasks, set reminders and deadlines, and track time. Follow-up has never been easier with Gold-Vision’s clever automation tools, with the option to trigger new activities when outstanding ones are complete. For example, companies working in industries such as Fire & Safety often have inspections to complete. Once an inspection has been marked as complete, Gold-Vision can automatically set up a follow-up activity for a set amount of time in the future to remind you when the next one is due to take place.

Gold-Vision’s Time Tracking feature can be invaluable in organising tasks and delegating workload. You can see how long a previous task has taken other users, giving you a clear idea of how long it will take in the future. This lets you assign repeated tasks with employees’ workload in mind.

4. One centralised & unified view

The pandemic threw businesses into unknown territory with no warning, pushing office-based employees to work remotely – something that many companies had pondered, but never got round to trialling. On the brighter side of things, this new way of working showed that some people work better at home than they do in the office, with few distractions and more flexibility. But, whether you’re at home, in the office or Digital Nomad-ing from a Greek Island, it’s important that everyone in the business has a unified view and point of reference.

Gold-Vision CRM gives you this option, with the ability to log into the system from any device, wherever you are. Everything in Gold-Vision is visible to your employees unless you choose to make it private. Those working in Sales and Support can make great use of features such as Notes & Correspondence tracking, which allows users to see a trail of prior conversations with anyone you contact. This not only keeps everyone up-to-date on the customers’ journey but also reduces the amount of time spent chasing colleagues to understand the full picture of a situation.

Different teams use different tools, sometimes making that holistic view of your business difficult to achieve. However, with Gold-Vision’s broad library of integration options, you can rest assured that an action completed elsewhere will be visible directly in your CRM. To find out the range of integrations available, click here.

5. Lead capture & management that doesn’t take forever!

The word ‘leads’ often brings to mind endless spreadsheets, that over time become disorganised and difficult to use – becoming a laborious task for whoever dares look after them! Using a CRM system to capture and manage your leads lets you safely store contact information, keep on top of ever-changing compliances, and streamline processes. But Gold-Vision is much more than just the basics when it comes down to leads!

There are endless ways that companies go about generating their leads, whether this is digitally through the likes of website forms and Touch Points, or face-to-face at trade shows and events. Gold-Vision helps you organise your leads into different lists, where sales teams and account managers can claim a lead to complete follow-up and begin the nurturing process. However, lead lists are also valuable to other teams in the business, such as Marketing.

For example, here at Gold-Vision our marketing team makes use of lead lists whilst exhibiting at events to nurture leads whilst they’re still warm. Once the lead’s details are added to a Lead List (which we either add manually or by using a lead scanner app) they receive an automated email to thank them for their time, and to invite them to chat further about their CRM options. This is all done by using the Lead List as a live recipient/source list, which works with our Connect email tool to send a branded message.

Accuracy of lead information is the pinnacle of being able to get in touch and nurture your contacts. Luckily, Gold-Vision has plenty of functionality available to help you keep your lead information tidy, even if human error comes into play. Integrations available including Loqate Address Lookup and Loqate Email Validation runs through your data to double-check that everything is correct. For example, you will be able to easily see when an email address is invalid or inactive – which is particularly important if you’re looking to improve your email sender reputation.

6. Integrations

Naturally, teams across your company will be utilising different tools and apps to help them complete their daily tasks. For example, Sales teams may be using ERP systems to track orders, whilst Support teams could be making use of LiveChat functionality to discuss issues with customers. The broad variety of apps and software available on the market make our jobs easier, but they can also create disjointed and siloed teams. In an attempt to align teams you may have joint meetings to keep everyone updated, but these can be time-consuming and sometimes a waste of effort.

The solution to this is making the most of integrations. Integrations make it possible to use your favourite tools, without the need to copy information across into your CRM system – taking up resources and effort. Everything you do is fed back into the system, for all to see and make use of with the confidence that data is correct and up-to-date. In fact, with some integrations, there’s no need to leave your CRM system at all with the functionality readily available to use. Here are some examples of Gold-Vision’s most popular integrations, and how they are utilised by our customers:

eSignature Integrations (including DocuSign & Adobe Sign)

eSignature integrations help you streamline your document management processes, whether you’re closing a sale or dealing with a project contract. With everything in one place, you can send and receive documents directly within your CRM with confidence that you’re operating within a secure environment. You no longer have to flit between multiple views, or even wait for weeks for physically signed documents to reach you by post!

Data validation integrations (including Loqate Address Verification & Loqate Email Validation)

Data validation integrations help you keep your data clean, accurate and organised! Loqate Address Verification saves you the hassle of manually typing full addresses into your system and works to keep address formats correct when dealing with countries across the world.

Similarly, Loqate Email Validation checks that email addresses added to your CRM are valid and correct. Making sure your email data is clean is imperative in maintaining a good score when it comes down to email marketing. If you have ‘dirty data’ you may see your emails marked as spam, ending up in junk folders – making your outreach less successful.

The right solution is just around the corner

As you can see, with the right CRM system in place it really is possible to achieve greater workplace productivity. Speak with a team member today to discuss how Gold-Vision CRM can help your teams work more effectively to smash those business goals!

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