The wait for the major release of Gold-Vision is over, Gold-Vision 8 has arrived!

With Gold-Vision 8 we have continued to build on our existing strengths to deliver a ‘simple CRM’ that still allows you to manage your cross-function business processes better than ever before.

Here’s what one of our customers has to say about Gold-Vision 8:

“The transition from Gold Vision 7 to 8 could not have been easier with endless support from the GV team… Gold Vision 8 has seriously taken a huge step up from version 7, the design, adaptability, usability and functionality of the system is exceptional! The system has always been great but I think the new design definitely helps and the user is able to find their way around so much better. It was paramount that our team could access their GV account on the move, the new mobile-friendly access makes the system much more user-friendly.”
Mary EvansCriddle Fieldsports

What’s new?

We are always actively developing Gold-Vision 8, bringing exciting new features and functions to its already impressive collection on a regular basis. Here’s a couple of the latest additions to Gold-Vision:

Portal framework

It’s becoming more and more popular to have access to self-help in areas of transactions and customer service. In response, Gold-Vision delivers a range of integrated framework forms and portal tools that can revolutionise your business processes and maximise sales performance and customer satisfaction.

Gold-Vision portal


Whether you are in sales, customer support or project management, Gold-Vision flows gives you instant visibility with easy drag and drop functionality. Set up your boards exactly as you need them: see your sales opportunities by owner and probability, or lay out all of your support tickets by status and priority.

Gold-Vision flows
“Gold-Vision 8 represents a key milestone for us. We wanted to deliver a leading-edge CRM system that would be sleek, modern, fully mobile responsive and offer expansive enterprise features as standard. We are really proud of the results and I can honestly say there is no CRM that can match Gold-Vision on design, functionality and price. This is just the start of a new wave of product releases and add-ons that we have planned. Gold-Vision CRM customers will be spoilt by the breadth and quality of what they can enjoy with a platform that will successfully grow their business.”
Charlie ShawGold-Vision MD

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