We are pleased to announce that our integration with DocuSign is now live! This integration is easy to understand, simple and easy to use and more importantly, means no more unorganised paperwork!

How does this integration help?

It is more important than ever before that data and privacy rules are respected and followed to ensure that you keep serving happy customers, and eliminate the risk of running into trouble. Not to mention the ability to keep up with the speed of an ever-changing business world.

DocuSign is fully compliant with all of the latest legal, industry, and security requirements worldwide. To achieve this, the product includes features such as two-factor authentication and electronic storage.

With the legal and security benefits in mind, our integration with DocuSign also helps you streamline your sales and management processes. With everything in one place, you have the ability to send and receive any document that needs a signature, all from within your Gold-Vision instance. There is no longer the need to switch between applications and programs to complete your tasks!

To make life easier, it is also a quick and easy process to set up new templates within Gold-Vision, so you can rest assured that you documents will be professional-looking and brand-compliant!

Here are some examples of our DocuSign integration in action:

Key benefits include:

  • DocuSign is an efficient document-signing process. Gone are the days of waiting for customers to send back physically signed documents. DocuSign is safe, secure and quick – ultimately speeding up your sales process.
  • Security is at the forefront of this DocuSign integration. It is fully compliant with the latest legal, industry, and security standards across the globe.
  • Integrating with DocuSign from your Gold-Vision solution allows you to have everything you need at your fingertips in one central, secure, location.

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Ready to try it out for yourself?

Arrange your personalised demo today to explore how our DocuSign integration can help you increase efficiency and security.

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