Key features of Gold-Vision’s Lead Management tools

Lead capture & management

Help your sales and marketing teams work in harmony with a dedicated lead management tool.

Leads are automatically captured from sources of your choice, such as web forms, inbound IP tracking, or live chat tools. You can also import leads from trade shows, outbound purchased lists or spreadsheets with ease.


In your CRM, it is crucial to keep your data clean and accurate at all times. Unfortunately, leads don’t always contain accurate information, but that’s ok.

Gold-Vision’s lead management module has been designed to create the ideal environment to work on incomplete data outside of your CRM records.

Lead scoring & assignment

Automatically score leads based on their interactions, sort the hot from the cold and help your sales team act fast by automatically assigning leads.

Prioritise your team’s follow-up efforts for maximum results and align sales and marketing. Gold-Vision allows you to allocate hot leads to individuals or entire sales teams based on demographic information, such as postcode or industry, or their lead score.

& report

The Lead Management module is to help you increase the number of leads you convert and, as a result, increase your revenue. How can you measure this? Simple, use Gold-Vision dashboards.

View how your leads are moving though the funnel, whilst measuring lead performance and conversion. You can also determine which lead sources and campaigns are producing the best ROI.

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Not all CRM’s are created equal, and aside from truly remarkable product features, there are three key things that set Gold-Vision CRM apart from the rest…

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Our prices

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Our people

A team of knowledgeable software & business experts dedicated to helping you get the most out of your CRM.

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