Key features of Gold-Vision’s Contact Management tools

Build a customer trail you can trust

Gold-Vision provides you with one core location to store your key business relationships and communications that can be accessed from anywhere, on any device.

Move on from dispersed spreadsheets and databases and build your business on “one version of the truth”. You can simply broadcast notes to your team and manage a customer from the first contact through recurring sales and on-going relationship building.

Manage accounts and contacts

Managing connections and getting a top-level view of a group is easy.

Gold-Vision allows you to map group or divisional structures by defining relationship links between one entity and another. Contacts in Gold-Vision can also be associated with multiple organisations, opportunities and projects.


Gold-Vision’s integrations with Outlook, Office 365 and Gmail mean that you can keep track of new contacts or leads that are introduced by email.

Create new contacts and leads in your CRM, or add internal emails to projects with no manual work required. Gold-Vision automatically imports or exports contacts, and even matches them with the correct account.


Never lose track of where you or your team are meant to be with calendar functionality that works seamlessly with your Gold-Vision appointments using familiar Outlook, Google or Office 365 calendars.

Simply create an appointment in your existing calendar – or in Gold-Vision – and one will automatically synchronize with the other. 

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What makes us different?

Not all CRM’s are created equal, and aside from truly remarkable product features, there are three key things that set Gold-Vision CRM apart from the rest…

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Our product

A complete CRM solution that’s simple to use, highly configurable and scales in-line with your business needs.

Our Prices

Our prices

Gold-Vision offers great value features & performance at a price other CRMs can only dream of.

Our People

Our people

A team of knowledgeable software & business experts dedicated to helping you get the most out of your CRM.

“Gold-Vision has made life more simple. It’s more expedient and it has opened the levels and chains of communication amongst all of those who use it”

Robert Bowden, Sales Account Manager

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